Volcano Classic Vaporizer Easy Valve
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Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer 110V

Storz & Bickel
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The Volcano Classic is an advanced essential oil and aromatherapy blend vaporizer. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer, through its patented technology. The vape removes toxins and other harmful byproducts (i.e., tars and other carcinogens) through a vaporizing process, This process intensifies the effects of the active ingredients released through the vapor by approximately 75%. The German hand-crafted Volcano Classic Vaporizer technology which circulates air enriched with the active ingredients of the substance vaporized into a balloon through a valve, until the balloon is filled. After the balloon is inflated the valve can be completely detached and separated from the device. The contents of the balloon can then be safely and comfortably enjoyed completely independent from the vaporization process. The balloon allows for vapor storage for up to 8 hours. Its unique features and design make it one of the most popular vaporizers.

Volcano Vaporizer Classic Technology

The Volcano Vaporizer Classic heats up the herb and releases the vapour into a large polythene balloon. Once the polythene balloon is full you take the hits out of it and pass.
When the manufacturers created Volcano Vaporizer Classic, it definitely looked imposing. It's meant to. Using easy valve with Volcano Vaporizer Classic keeps you away from cleaning the bag. Once you purchase Volcano Vaporizer classic, it's going to work as new for a long long time.

Technical Specifications:

Adjustable Temperature Variable
Alerts Auto-Shut Off
Brand Storz & Bickel
Compatibility Dry Herb, Oil, Shatter, Wax
Diameter 100mm+
Height 171mm
Inhalation Method Balloon
Material Aluminium, Metal
Mouthpiece Acrylic, Acrylic
Power Mains
Temperature Control Analogue
Vaporization Method Convection, Forced Air
Width 161mm


Unique Specifications:

One of the main reasons the Volcano Vaporizer is desired is the consistent high quality vapour you receive from each balloon. Thanks to the large area being heated your herbs receive equal shared heat and release a more satisfactory hit every time. While it might take slightly longer than smaller vapes to heat up, this desktop vaporizer really makes the wait worth it.

With a dial on the front it's very user friendly to choose the heat you want. The Volcano Vape comes with two tactile buttons and smaller orange button between, to indicate when your vaporizer has hit the temperature you've selected. Overall the Volcano is very easily maintained, with a stainless steel exterior. There's a reason people are happy owners of Volcanoes that are years old!

Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel are one of the most prestigious brands in the vape market. Hailing from Germany S&B have redefined what vape quality means with high-tech vaporizer after high-tech vaporizer. Storz & Bickel are most well known for their world famous vape the Volcano Vaporizer Classic. The Volcano Vaporizer Classic has been such a success that Storz & Bickel have become giants of the vape scene. 
Storz & Bickel built the world’s first factory specially outfitted to build high-quality herbal vapes in the town of Tuttlingen, Germany. Tuttlingen is the world famous capital of herbal vaporizer manufacturing, there are nearly 500 separate medical device manufacturers. 
Storz & Bickel have made their name as the world’s leading authority in creating incredible, high-quality vapes and vaporizers that raise the bar for the whole industry year on year. Whether you get the Volcano Vaporizer Classic, or their equally incredible, portable Mighty Vaporizer, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. You’ll come back to Storz & Bickel and the Volcano Vaporizer Classic again and again.