Tesla Two Sub Box Mod
Tesla Two Sub Box Mod Tesla Two Sub Box Mod Tesla Two Sub Box Mod Tesla Two Sub Box Mod

Tesla Two Sub Box Mod

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The Tesla Two Sub mod is the perfect mod for those who do not want something they will have to keep changing the settings. Tesla Two Sub mod uses two batteries hence making it very powerful as they both have a total capacity of 4000mAh which lasts me the whole day. The mod has a USB port through which you can charge the batteries without having to remove them; just the normal type of USB cable will do the work.

The maximum output of the mod is 4.2 volts while the batteries are full, but it could be less as the battery life reduces. Tesla Swo Sub mod also has a silver plated spring with copper coating which makes current conductivity very efficient. As there are settings that you are supposed to make, the mod is quite easy to use and only had the on and off button only. Tesla Two Sub mod also has an atomizer resistance of as low as 0.1 which makes it very safe to use too. Tesla Two Sub mod is made of aluminum; light in weight therefore is a great alternative to the heavy mods that are there in the market.


  • Tesla two sub mod is made of aluminum which is a very durable material hence the mod will serve you for long
  • Tesla two sub mod has a 510 connection hence the inner parts are safe and secure
  • Tesla two sub mod is 22mm by 47mm by 76mm which makes it light weight and easily portable hence you can vape anywhere you are
  • There is a positive pin which is made of silver and coated with copper for efficient power conductivity
  • The internal capacity is 400mAh
  • Output power is 100W which is very high for those who like vaping a lot
  • Output voltage is 4.2V
  • Output current is 40A
  • The mod has a resistance range of 0.1 and 3.5 ohms