TDE250 White Topgrip / Golden Window 3 Jets


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Product Description

These Goldeneye Hurricane Bongs become more colourful the dirtier they get! This circumstance can be explained by the special characteristics of the silver nitrate mirroring, which exhibits increased reflective behaviour while decreasing light permeability as dirt is deposited.

What makes Hurricane bongs some of the best in the world? it's the ground-breaking filtration system! . Fine punctures are made throughout the corpus of the bong, drawing in outside air and swirling the smoke into a strong rotation, or Hurricane you could say. The tar content is smeared against the glass as you smoke by the swirling motion. This process purifies the taste and cleanliness of every smoke you take, and drastically reduces the negative health risks associated with smoking.

This bong is small-sized. Like all of Hurricane's range, this model is made of 100% high quality borosilicate glass and is crafted tension free. The Hurricane has an anti-break system that makes sure the short angles of the corpus stabilise each other, and the lack of protruding parts further ensures that the minimum amount of damage is done if the bong is dropped.