Silicone Honey Mat
Silicone Honey Mat Silicone Honey Mat

Silicone Honey Mat

Dr Dabber
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Dr. Dabber Silicone Honey Mat

These hexagon shaped silicone mats are a seriously smart way you use your dab rigs with no loss of material. After a dab or two, you may become a little accident prone and the result can be wasted material.

With this platinum-cured silicone mat placed under your rig and drips and spills will be caught on the honeycomb patterned surface and can be easily removed. They're manufactured using food grade materials and are tear resistant!

Each comes complete with a Dr. Dabber logo in the center.

Choose from small and large in the drop-down menu.

Small: 14cm x 13cm

Large: 32cm x 30cm