Sigelei 75W TC Box Mod
Sigelei 75W TC Box Mod Sigelei 75W TC Box Mod

Sigelei 75W TC Box Mod

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Sigelei 75W TC box mod is the best of the mods that are available in the market that vapes at a wattage of 75W.

Sigelei 75W TC box mod has a temperature control which means that the vaper has full control of the mod while he is vaping. The buttons on the side are a bit more tactile which means that they are easy to press and they are also well labelled hence there will be no confusin when using them. The mod fires at 0.1 ohms and it has a easy to use design that is suitable for every vaper. It uses one 18650 battery that is fit in by sliding it to place

Sigelei 75W TC box mod Features:

  • Made of stainless steel: this metal is strong hence lasts long, it is smooth, shinny and has an attractive finish which makes the mod attractive to its customers.
  • Spring loaded: this means that the mod is self adjusting and the top of the mod is designed in such a way that it can accommodate any 510 atty without any complications
  • Uses one battery: this 18650 battery is easy to find in shops just in case you want to replace yours or you want a second one.
  • Easy to use buttons: the buttons protrude just enough from the mod. They respond fast when you pres them and they are not too close together which would make their use confusing and difficult.
  • Frosted protective case: this is the protective case that will protect the mod from getting damaged and when it falls down. This helps the mod to last longer.