Plazmatic X electronic lighter


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Product Description

The Plazmatic X is arguably the most technologically advanced lighter on the planet, not only that but it also looks utterly awesome. It uses the latest battery technology to create a plasma arc between the four contacts which is perfect for lighting up in absolutely any conditions, no matter whether it's wind, rain or shine. 

Operating it is about as simple as it gets, just flip the lid and hold the power button down. No flints to wear out, no butane to keep buying, just plug it in and charge it up and you'll have 50-100 uses without ever having to worry about whether you need to carry a spare. It uses a micro USB charger so you can keep it going anywhere in this modern world and it takes between 1 and 2 hours to charge depending on what you charge it from. 

Also, unlike every other electronic lighter on the planet, it features Whisper(tm) technology that means it runs completely silently and doesn't give off the high pitched squeal that every other light of this type develops. 

We have a choice of designs available including one with our very own Grizzly Originals logo, so pick your favorite from the dropdown menu above and take a step your lighter game into the 21st century. 

The Plazmatic X comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you know that you'll always be able to count on it when it matters.