Snoop Dogg POUNDS Mothership Blue
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Mothership Bong by Snoop Dogg | 13.5 inch

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Snoop Dogg POUNDS | Mothership Bong

This behemoth of a bong offers you a silky and cool hit thanks to its awesome percolators. This is probably the finest item of glass from the Snoop Dogg POUNDS collection.

The Mothership Bong is the mothership of all bongs. Coming in at 13" tall, this  water bong by Snoop Dogg himself is ready to fly you sky high into the stratosphere and beyond! Designed by Snoop Dogg and his extraordinary team, this piece of glassware from his new POUNDS collection is a heavy-weight hitter with lots of features to make your smoke the tastiest it could possibly be.

Snoop Dogg Bong - Barrel and Dome

With two different percolators, you'll be experiencing some of the creamiest bong hits of your life with the Mothership from POUNDS! Just after passing through the dome on the stem of the bong the smoke is then recycled into the barrel at the base of the bong, this gives it more time to filter through the water and get cooled down. Most bongs only have one percolator but with the amazing Mothership from POUNDS it delivers silky tasty hits thanks to the use of dual percs.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS Mothership Bong - Straight Hitting

With a classic straight tube shape, the Mothership bong brings a classical touch to an extremely modern interior. The straight length of this water bong means the smoke has an extended period to travel through the water giving it more time to chill and filter giving you tasty rips each and every time. A classic bong shape, this is the perfect piece of glassware for a regular smoker 

Snoop Dogg Bong - Splash Proof

Bong water in your mouth with every hit is a thing of the past with the splash guard on the Snoop Dogg Mothership Bong! The last thing you could ever want want when taking a giant hit is drops instead of drags, and it's all been put to rest due to an impressive splash guard near the top of this bong. Guaranteeing a cleaner time, you will be able to enjoy that classic bubbling sound and sensation without any of the downsides!

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Modern Design

Sticking to the same style that made the Leafs collection by Snoop Dogg so attractive to thousands, the POUNDS line come in white minimalist boxes with a clean and colourful logo placed across the fron, because less is more! The pieces come held separately for assembly on a white background within a bright interior, contrasting the box outside beautifully. This bong also comes in these beautiful colors; bright blue, bold black, wicked white, and classic clear!