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Grav Grinder

The four piece Grav Grinder is a powerful grinder that cuts through your herbs effectively, lets you peek into the grinding process, and is easy to clean.


  • For dry herb
  • Razor-sharp teeth
  • Magnetic sifter screen
  • Trio windows for viewing inside the central chamber

What’s in the box?

1 x GRAV Grinder 4-part with central chamber windows and magnetized kief screen

GRAV® 4 Piece Grinder | Cuts and Cleans Perfectly

The four piece grinder starts at the top chamber with 15 razor sharp teeth and holes designed to prevent clogging. A step up from your 2-piece and 3-piece grinders is the aerospace-polycarbonate clear central chamber that offers a great view of the quality of grounded herbs you are getting from this grinder.

The last piece is the deep, curved kief dish that acts as a pollen catcher to collect the dust-like substance from grinding dry herb. The kief screen is removable for easy cleaning so you can wash out all those pollens that get stuck around the screen. It is magnetized so it snaps back into place easily. You will also find a GRAV-engraved scraping tool in the bottom chamber.

Product Variants

The GRAV® Grinder is available in silver, blue, and purple color options. There is also a smaller, three-piece GRAV Grinder that is 1.25” tall without windows.

Technical Details


2.5 inches


Aluminum and polycarbonate

Best for

Dry Herb



The GRAV Grinder features a durable aerospace aluminum body that is anodized so it’s sleek and shiny. The central chamber features polycarbonate windows so you can see how much you’ve already grinded.


  • Removable parts
  • No clogging
  • Deep central and lower chambers
  • Packs a lot of nugs