Flip Brick Convection Vaporizer

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Product Description

FlipBrick Convection Vaporizer  

Sticky Brick have the long-standing reputation for creating some of the best vaporizers on the market and the Flip Brick Convection Vaporizer is of no exception! These stunning pieces of kit are hand crafted with the aim of creating some of the best pieces of kit on the market and they have done above and beyond that when talking about the FlipBrick Convection Vaporizer!  

Made from high quality materials the FlipBrick was made with the user in mind, the glass attachments are made from borosilicate glass and the wooden parts add extra durability and most of the components are connected with magnets.  


Cleaning your FlipBrick couldn’t get much easier than this! Simply dampen a cotton swab with some warm water and soak your glass components with ISO alcohol and clean your wooden components with some wood finish so no matter how long you have the Flip Brick Convection Vaporizer, it always looks good as new!