Easy Vape Vaporizer
Easy Vape Vaporizer Easy Vape Vaporizer Easy Vape Vaporizer Easy Vape Vaporizer Easy Vape Vaporizer Easy Vape Vaporizer

Easy Vape Vaporizer

Easy Vape
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The Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer is a great little desktop vaporizer for dried products. Its box-shaped design gives it a more discreet appearance in comparison to other desktops vapes and it can easily blend into the background unnoticed when not in use.

Temperature control

On the front of the easy vape is the LCD screen and temperature control knob. The screen displays the currently selected temperature and pulsates to indicate when the temperature has been reached. Using the knob you can cycle through temperatures from 130 – 190°C in 2 degree Celsius increments. This allows you to find the perfect temperature to match your dried products. It’s recommended to start on a low setting and slowly work your way upwards with each load so you know you experience the full terpenes of your dried products.


To vaporizer your dried products the Easy Vape uses a ceramic heating element which takes approximately 3 minutes to reach the optimal temperature when starting a session. Pack your dried products lightly to maximize the airflow and enjoy the smooth clouds of vapor which cools as it travels through the ground glass tipped whip.


Built from polycarbonate materials the Easy Vape Digital is robust and lightweight but sturdy enough to rest of a desktop and be used hands-free without worry. It even comes with removable fuses to there’s no chance of a surge damaging it.


• Hands-Free Operation
• Digital Temperature Control System.
• LCD Display
• High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element
• 5 Year Warranty - Heating Element and Electronics (glass components not covered under warranty)