Crafty+ Vaporizer
Crafty+ Vaporizer Crafty+ Vaporizer Crafty+ Vaporizer Crafty+ Vaporizer

Crafty+ Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel

Crafty Plus Vaporizer 

The new Crafty plus was designed by Storz & Bickel with new and improved technology. As one of the top-selling vaporizers on the market, it is sure not to disappoint. It is using a new convection and conduction heating processor which improves the heat up and cool down the speed of the unit. The new vaporizer also has a stronger battery life and a shorter charging time, giving you more use out of your vaporizer. 

How to use it

The crafty Plus is a simple vaporizer to use, with only one button to turn on, boost up, and turn off. To turn on your vaporizer push the power button and a red light will appear, when that red light turns green and you feel it vibrate it is heated up and ready to use. To increase the temperature, double click the power button once and it will again heat up and turn green when it is ready. To maximize the temperature you again will double click the button. To turn off the vaporizer just press and hold the power button until the lights turn off. 

Dry Pack 

To pack the Crafty Plus with dry herb make sure that first it is grounded up, once it has been grounded put some into the chamber up until it begins to flare out. .once it is all in the chamber pack it in, put on the top, and enjoy. 

Liquid Pad (WAX) 

Crafty Plus comes with two liquid pads where wax can be directly placed onto and then loaded into the chamber to begin enjoying. The pad is designed to get the best result out of your wax by heating up the entire dab before you inhale. 

Heat up time and temperature settings

The Crafty Plus takes 60-90 seconds to heat up. Using conduction to heat up the piece more quickly and convection to bring the heat up to heat the weed more evenly to have a smoother inhale. There are three set on-board temperatures, 356f, 383F, and 410F the first two temperature settings are changeable in the app or webapp and the third is programmed into the device. The first two range anywhere from 40-210C or 104-410F with the third programmed setting at the highest temperature. 

WebApp Usage 

To control the temperatures, vibration, LED lights, and automatic shutoff times make sure you are using Chrome and from there go to the Storz & Bickel website, hover over the Storz&Bickel dropdown at the top and click on the WEB APP. When you get to the next page click on the WEB APP and click on the connect button. Make sure your computer can connect to bluetooth and that your new vaporizer is on for it to connect to the computer. Once it is connected you are all set up and ready to customize your vaporizer to your needs. 

Cleaning instructions 

To clean your new Crafty Plus use 90% purity isopropyl alcohol and a precision cotton swab. When you twist off the top of the vaporizer, unlock the symbol by pulling it towards the mouthpiece, when it is unlocked pull down on the piece with the filter in it in order to clean the inside. To change out the o rings use the pick tool that is attached to the side of the vaporizer to pick them off in order to clean under and around them or to change them out with new ones. Deep cleaning the vaporizer every 10 sessions is recommended while wiping down the screens every few sessions will keep it clean until a deep clean. 


The Crafty Plus will automatically come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty if anything were to happen to your vaporizer. There is also an additional 1-year warranty with the registration of your new vaporizer. 

In the box

The crafty Plus comes with:
1 USB Cable 
1 Dosing Capsule 
3 Small base seal rings
3 Small normal screens
3 Small coarse screens
2 Small drip pads 
1 Instruction manual 
1 Safety manual