Banana Bros. Otta Cones

Banana Bros. Otta Cones

Banana Bros

Otto Cones 

These Otto Cones are made with exceptionally high standards. each one is hand rolled to provide you with the best experience. They are made from 100% natural raw unbleached fiber, GMO-free, chlorine free, vegan-friendly, and are sure to pack a punch

They are intended to be stuffed with the auto grinder but theres nothing wrong with doing it the old fashioned way, by hand.

The wide lip guarantees that each cone can be packed to the top without any spillage. Also, each cone is 110mm and wont bend or run!

  • 20-Pack
  • Compatible With The OTTO Grinder
  • Wide Lip
  • Optimal Airflow
  • Slow-Burning
  • Free Of GMOs, Animal Products, & Chemicals
  • 100% All-Natural Raw Fiber