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7" STAX Straight Base w/ Disc Perc | Grav Labs

Grav Labs

7" STAX Straight Base w/ Disc Perc | Grav Labs

This is the Official Straight Base w/ Disc Perc from Stax by Grav Labs. This base stands at 7” tall without any attachments


This is the finest piece of glass that I have seen from Grav Labs, unfortunately you will need to either purchase attachments for this base or use your own attachments. Although this base comes with a bowl attachment which is great so realistically all you will need is the neck attachment. This will turn your base from a base to a bong.

How to clean your base

Cleaning the base of the bong is simple, you will need some supplies in order to give your base a good clean. The supplies are isopropyl alcohol, fresh water and paper towels. First thing you will need to do is mix the isopropyl alcohol and the fresh water together in a jar, simply pure the mixture into the base of the bong and give it a good swirl to remove any colouring or dried products that might be stuck at the bottom. When you feel the base is fully clean, pour the mixture back into the jar and rinse out the base and dry it with the paper towel. Now with the jar of leftover solution you can use it for your attachments to give them a good cleaning, I would recommend you leave them in there for an hour or so to give them a proper cleaning. Remember the cleaner the bong is the cleaner the hits are.