6" Upline Ash Catcher
6" Upline Ash Catcher - 90 degree - Clear 6" Upline Ash Catcher

6" Upline Ash Catcher

Grav Labs
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Grav Labs 6" Upline Ash Catcher

GRAV 6” Upline 14mm Ash Catcher flaunts a 90 degree arm that catches ash from straight bongs for quick cleaning and easy maintenance.


  • For flower
  • Glass ash catcher with percolator
  • Fixed diffused downstem

What’s in the box?

1 x - 6” Upline® 14mm Ash Catcher by Grav, 1 x 14mm Grav Octobowl

Upline® 45 or 90 degree 14mm Ash Catcher by GRAV® Cools and Filters

The Upline 45 and 90 degree Ash Catcher boasts climbing water filtration for always-clean bongs so you can focus on smoking, not cleaning. Clean-up of the ash catcher is a breeze as it is made of high-grade glass.

The forced stack percolator uses water to wash and filter the smoke. At least 2” water is needed to diffuse the smoke using the showerhead downstem. The Upline 14mm Ash Catcher has a fixed downstem to prevent accidents so you can enjoy not cleaning your water pipes longer.

Product Variants

The Upline Ash Catcher 14mm is available in a 90 degree joint recommended for straight-based water pipes. If you opt to use angle-based water pipes, Upline 14mm Ash Catcher is also available with a 45 degree arm. The two variants come with a fixed downstem, ladder percolator, and 14mm Octobowl.

Technical Details


Approximately 6 inches




Male joint with 90° & 45° arm options

Compatible with

  • Straight-based water pipe with 14mm female joint
  • 14mm Octobowl (in package)

Best for



GRAV Upline 14mm 45 and 90 degree Ash Catcher includes a fixed downstem and high-grade glass. All the materials are durable to encourage long-term use. 

Pros and Cons

  • Keeps bongs always clean
  • Cools and filters smoke while catching tar
  • Durable glass, easy to clean