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Grav Labs 18" Upline Water Pipe

Grav Labs

18" Upline Flare Stemless Water Pipe – Clear

This is the Official Flare Stemless Water Pipe from Upline by Grav Labs. This bong has a saxophone look about it. The bong is 18” in height. The bongs include a 14mm Octobowl.


When you look at the bong you will notice that it looks like a saxophone and that’s what I mean about this bong having a saxophone look about it. I wouldn’t recommend using the bong like you would a saxophone. It will get messy.

How to clean your bong

Cleaning your bong is quite simple, all you need is some Isopropyl Alcohol Solution and some Fresh Water. Mix the two together and pour it into the bong and give it a good swirl, make sure you remove any colouring and parts that might be stuck on the inside of the bong. Instead of throwing out the solution, you can use it for your glass bowl of the bong, let it soak and let it have a good clean. Because remember the cleaner the bong the cleaner the hits will be.