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12" Upline Flared Stemless Water Pipe | Grav Labs

Grav Labs
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12" Upline Flared Stemless Water Pipe | Grav Labs

This is the Official Upright Bubbler Standard Re-Imagined from Upline. This bubbler is a female type bubbler with a 14mm for attachments that you want to use with the bubbler. This bubbler gives you some options when using it, you can use it with the Nail attachment or the bowl attachment.

How to use the Upright Bubbler

Before using the Upright Bubbler you will have to purchase a nail and/or bowl attachment to use in the bubbler, when you have that purchased or one there you’re ready to move on to the next stage. Fill the bubbler with water, place the nail into the slot available, heat the nail then place some of the concentrates and you’re good to go. Now is you where to use the bowl attachment. You will need some of your favorite dried products and a grinder. Grind up the dried products to the perfect consistency and then fill the bowl and light it then your good to go.

How to clean the Upright Bubbler

All you need to clean your bubbler is some Isopropyl Solution and Fresh Water. Mix the two together and pour it into the bubbler and give it a good shack so the solution gives it a good cleaning. Pour out the solution and rinse with some water from the tap and leave to drip dry. Remember the cleaner the bubbler the cleaner the hits.