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Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel
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Volcano Classic Vaporizer - Storz & Bickel   

Volcano Classic VaporizerIn 2001, Storz & Bickel introduced the world to their now classic Volcano desktop vaporizer. This was to be the first in line of their world-renowned dry herb vapes. In the nearly twenty years since then there have been a lot of improvements in vaporization technology. But still the Volcano burns as brightly as it ever did.

The Volcano Classic was the first fan-driven forced-air vaporizer to achieve widespread commercial success, it was also the first desktop vaporizer to have its patented balloon technology. The balloon could be used in a multiple amount of ways and this is what made it so popular to begin with. Now it also comes with a whole load of extra accessories to create an unforgettable vaporization experience. 

The Volcano Classic has a unique shape, a volcano-shaped design and also an advanced heating system.  This desktop vaporizer is easy-to-use with the rotary dial it allows you to change the temperature freely. The temperature ranges from 1 to 9, from 266F to 446F. Read on to find out what else sets the Volcano apart from the competition. 

Volcano Classic Features

  • Dry herb and concentrates
  • Stainless steel
  • Convection heating
  • Three year warranty


Volcano Classic Vaporizer - What's in the box?

  •    1x Volcano Classic Vaporizer
  •    1x Aromatherapy Filling Chamber
  •    1x Balloon Set (Please select above)
  •    1x Normal Screen Set
  •    1x Air Filter Set
  •    1x Liquid Pad
  •    1x Cleaning Brush
  •    1x Instruction Manual


The German hand-crafted technology circulates the air enriched with active ingredients is vaporized in a balloon through a valve, until the balloon is filled. After the balloon has been filled the valve can be completely detached and separated from the device. The Volcano Classic’s balloon allows for vapor storage for up to 8 hours.

Technical Information

Vaporize Dried Herbs and concentrates
Storage capacity 0.75 grams
Temperature Levels 104° F - 446° F
Initial heating Approximately 3 minutes
Heating system Convection
Heating coating material Stainless steel
External coating material Stainless steel
Battery capacity No battery
Compatible chargers Power supply
Compatible smartphones No
Other functions Ventilation, temperature control and advanced air heating control system.
Approximate Dimenisons 18cm x 19cm X 1.98cm
Approximate Weight 1,8 kilos
Warranty 3 year


    Easy Valve or Solid Valve - The Choice is Yours

    The Easy Valve

    Volcano Classic Vaporizer

    The consumer's needs and preferences were taken into consideration when developing the Easy Valve. The Easy Valve is, unsurprisingly, characterized by very easy handling and minimal maintenance. Attaching a new balloon to the valve is no longer required, as the Easy Valve comes as a ready to use valve balloon unit including mouthpiece. Once the Easy Valve can no longer be used, you simply replace the old with a new one. The starter set is delivered with 5 Easy Valve balloons and the appropriate filling chamber. The Easy Valve filling chamber is cleaned and re-used.

    The Solid Valve

    The Solid Valve is the Classic, you can choose your own individual balloon size as the Solid Valve Set comes with a box of 3 meters of balloon material. Using the Solid Valve, the replacement of the balloon is kind of tricky and needs some experience, however the Solid Valve provides a less expensive long-term option, as the balloon material can be bought for a reasonable price..

    The mouthpiece for both easy and solid valve choices are made from high quality, durable plastic.

    The Balloon Bag System

    The balloon should be replaced after cleaning the valve set in regular intervals (after 50 - 100 balloon fillings). A roll with 3 meters of balloon material is enclosed with each Volcano, which is sufficient to make 5-6 balloons. You may also use other heat-proof oven hoses or oven bags, e.g. Reynolds "large" oven. Do not use any other plastic bags or cling wraps. On the other hand, once an Easy Valve can no longer be used, you simply replace the old with a new one. This is required far less frequently (approx. 1x per year in everyday use) although it may be necessary to replace the filling chamber screens. Each complete set is furnished with 3 upper and 3 lower screens. That will last a long time. No other parts are subject to wear and tear.

    Getting The Volcano Classic Going 

    The Volcano Classic has exceptional vapor quality, and what makes the Volcano Classic so appealing is that is it very easy to use. It heats up in three to five minutes depending on the load size and the taste preference. The orange light will go off and this is when you should snap the filling chamber on top and turn on the fan. Wait until you see vapor, this will take a couple of seconds and then connect the balloon and start vaping. It will the product very dense vapor with excellent flavor.

    Volcano Classic Vaporizer

    It will take about a minute to fill a standard size balloon. When the chamber is full, detach the balloon from the filling chamber and attach the mouthpiece. Then you are ready to enjoy the delicious vapor the Volcano Classic has to offer. You can also store it in the bag for another session.

    Taste and Density

    One of the main reasons the Volcano Vaporizer is so well liked is the consistent high quality vapor you receive from each balloon. Thanks to the large area being heated your dried herbs are very evenly heated making for a more satisfactory hit every time. While it might take slightly longer than smaller vapes to heat up, this desktop vaporizer really makes the wait worth it.

    Appearance and Temperature Control

    Using the dial on the front makes choosing your temperature very easy. The Volcano Vape comes with two large buttons for heat and air and a smaller orange control light between to indicate when your vaporizer has hit the temperature you selected. Overall the Volcano is very easily maintained, especially with its stainless steel exterior. There's a reason people are happy owners of Volcanoes that are years old!

    Pros and Cons to the Volcano Classic Vaporizer


    - Unbelievably great tasting vapor

    - Effective temperature controls eliminate risks of combustion

    - The craftsmanship is entirely unsurpassed in the vape world


    - It's a bit pricey

    - It's not always possible to know exactly what temperature you're vaping at

    Maintaining the Volcano Classic Vaporizer

    Taking care of a Volcano is incredibly easy and straightforward. Depending on how often you're using the vaporizer it could take as little as five minutes. All you need is a small container of isopropyl alcohol and the vaporizer itself comes with some convenient instructions. The screens usually need the most attention. If you brush these out regularly after use they can go for a lot longer between cleans. For deeper cleanings you'll need to soak a lot of the parts in the isopropyl alcohol and change out the bag. Still this vaporizer is far lower maintenance than a lot of others on the market.