Percolator Bongs

Just like vaporizers, bongs have taken the world by storm in recent years despite being around for a long time, dating as far back as the Ming Dynasty. Since then however, bongs have transformed into works of art, with new features, made from a variety of materials and in a variety of colors, its just as hard to pick a bong as it is a vape. One type of bong that we have fallen in love with here at Lifted are Percolator bongs!  

What are they? 

Percolators act as a means of cooling anf filtering your product before it enters your lungs, making it one of the healthiest ways to enjoy your dried herbs! As if that wasn’t enough, with a percolator attached to your bong, your hits will be a lot smoother and more enjoyable! Percolators come in variety of shapes and sizes so you have the freedom to find the right Percolator Bong for you!  


As mentioned earlier, Percolator Bongs come in a variety of forms, the main ones that we love here at Lifted are Honeycomb Percs, Tree Percs and Showerhead Percs! 

Honeycomb Percolators – These work by pulling the smoke through several small holes. 

Tree Percolator – These are one of the easiest percs that you could use, making it suitable for new bong users as well as bong enthusiasts alike!  

Showerhead Percolators – Also known as UFO percs may not be the most common but in particular very successful in delivering smooth and cool hits! 

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