Pen Vaporizers

Pen Vaporizers

Vape Pens are a popular form of Portable Vaporizers for those who are also interested in waxes and concentrates. Vape Pens tend to be solely for concentrates and waxes, although there are more options that cover all the bases and are compatible with dry herbs. 

Vape Pens are extremely discreet and fast charging, they have their advantages and for many their first vape tends to be a Vaporizer Pen. From Dr. Dabber to Grenco Science, they offer a number of fantastic vaporizers. Vape Pens have been exceptionally popular in recent years and they offer a great vaping experience for either concentrates or dry herbs. 

Vape Pens Ireland | Top Picks

Grasshopper Vaporizer Pen

The Grasshopper Vape Pen has a durable design and its sleek look make it the top related portable vapor pens on the market. The Grasshopper Pen is a slim and convenient vaporizer for both dry herbs and dried aromatic blends. It is easy to load and simple to operate, it the most user-friendly portable vapor pens available. 

Yocan Evolve Pen

The Evolve from Yocan brings to you, the best portable concentrate vape pen. It's sleek slimline body is perfect for those who like to vape on the move and remain stylish whilst doing so. The Yocan Evolve is only 14mm wide and 120mm long, which means you will always have space to take your vaporizer with you. 

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