PAX Cleaning Kit

PAX Cleaning Kit

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PAX Cleaning Kit

Keeping your Pax Vaporizer clean is vital if you want to keep it performing to its full potential. With the help of this little kit and some occasional maintenance, your Pax will keep on producing clouds packed full of flavor for years to come.


To clean the mouthpiece it's recommended that you first remove it before cleaning the inside with a pipe cleaner which has been soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Once a month the mouthpiece and screen should be soaked in isopropyl alcohol to remove any stubborn build-up which will increase draw resistance and taint the flavor of the vapor. To finish the mouthpiece should be lubricated using one of the packets supplied.

To clean the oven and airpath first make sure your Pax has cooled down. With the mouthpiece removed you can insert a pipe cleaner from the mouthpiece end and feed it through until the oven screen is removed. With a bent pipe cleaner or q-tip, the oven and screen can be easily cleaned.

Included in the kit is:

  • 20x Pipe Cleaners
  • 20x Cleaning Wipes
  • 3x Mouthpiece Lubricant Packets