Conduction Vaporizers

Conduction Vaporizers - All You Need to Know 

Conduction, you read it almost everywhere when talking about vapes, but does anyone know what it actually is? Conduction is one of the main heating systems used in vaporizers, the other being convection. Conduction works in direct contact with your dry herbs, evenly heating your product generally using a coil within the heating chamber. it has become increasingly popular for those in particular who are looking for a quick vape without drawing attention to themselves.  

The Basics

Conduction is regarded as a simpler method in comparison to convection. Generally speaking they are much smaller adding stealth and discretion for your vape and are also cheaper, while perfect for people who are newly introduced to the vaping community, conduction vaporizers are also perfect for vaping enthusiasts who are looking to either add to their collection or to find a more discreet vape to take with them on the go!  

Conduction vapes have become known for their compact and discreet size and here at Lifted we have a variety of vape pens that we have just fallen in love with and should you decide that a conduction vape is the one for you, take it from us, you’ll fall in love with it too! We have a variety of vapes with conduction heating systems so no matter what you love doing or how you like doing it we have a vape out there that will match your lifestyle! So, what are you waiting for? Go on and find the right conduction vape for you!  


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