Concentrate Vaporizers

Depending on what you're looking for from your vaporizer, we have something that will suit your needs. When buying a vape it's crucial to consider your own personal vaping needs, so that you can select a vape suited to your lifestyle and preferences. 

The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen has been proven to be an amazing addition to our concentrates collection, making it's way to one of the top spots on the best seller list - and for good reason! It was initially designed with portability in mind, it is small but packs a punch, with a strong hit and a undeniably powerful experience. 

Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer 110V

If discrete and portability is not at the top of your priority list when selecting your vape, then why not try the Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer 110V? It's known for its amazing quality and offers amazing flavor pay off as well as a silencer which keeps the device quiet while in operation.

In terms of design, the Volcano Digital vaporizer can be used with two different types of valve systems to link your balloon. An 'Easy Valve' set is already included with the Volcano Digital Vaporizer. It offers a single balloon size and is maintenance free, so you never have to clean it up! If you're looking for an upgraded experience, the solid valve sets are available to buy separately and are made of high quality stainless steel and heat resistant plastic. The best part of the solid valve is that it offers customized balloon sizes, making your experience more tailor made and unique to your needs.

Those are just two examples of our broad and vast range of concentrate vaporizers, browse below to pick your vaporizer today!

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