9" Stax Standard Mouthpiece - Clear

Grav Labs 9" Stax Standard Mouthpiece

Grav Labs

9" STAX Triple Pinch Mouthpiece

The 9” STAX Triple Pinch Mouthpiece cools the smoke that touches your lips and gets to your throat for less intense hits that can hurt your throat.


  • For dry herb
  • Add ice
  • Compatible with STAX® glass attachments

What’s in the box?

1 x 9-inch Triple Pinch Mouthpiece STAX®-GRAV ®

STAX® 9 Inch Triple Pinch Mouthpiece | Cool Smoke

When building the perfect bong for smoking cannabis, consider if you want to add a cooling feature with your mouthpiece. The Triple Pinch Mouthpiece is a 9-inch glass attachment that allows glassbowlers to add ice to their bong to enjoy cooler hits as the smoke passes through the ice held in place by the triple pinch design of the mouthpiece.

Product Variants

The 9 Inch STAX-GRAV Triple Pinch Mouthpiece is part of the STAX Collection by Grav Labs. The collection allows glassbowlers to custom-fit the design of their bong to fit their needs. The collection includes a variety of bases that work with this mouthpiece such as the Turbine Base, Beaker Base, Dual-Function Inline Base, Coil Showerhead Base, and Straight Base with Angled Joint.

It also works with a wide range of percs including Honeycomb Perc, Halo Perc, Circle Perc, Coil Perc, and Tree Perc.

Technical Details


9 inches





Compatible with

  • STAX® percolator
  • STAX® base

Best for




The glass mouthpiece features a triple dent, a clear design, borosilicate material, and cool STAX decals.


  • Triple-pinch design to hold your ice.
  • Easy to clean and replaceable mouthpiece
  • Clear glass with non-distracting decals