We appreciate all elements of smoking and always aim to provide you with the very best smoking experience. While the term may cause some to think it's just a functional piece of glass we have a much more poetic point view. 

Bongs are structures of art, to be shaped and interpreted however you see it. We only stock the biggest and best brands when it comes to bongs, we aim to sell the best quality.

Have a look through the wide range of Bongs, Glass Bongs, Percolator Bongs, Premium Bongs. This is where you will find your prefect smoking companion.

Glass and Percolator Bongs

Glass Bongs are the traditional and most frequently seen style of Bong on the market. Glass Bongs stand out the most due to their shape and design. there are numerous shapes and sizes in our selection of Bongs. Also with the range in thicknesses and designs, you will be sure to find the Glass Bong that best suits your personal preferences. 

Percolator Bongs are the best type of bongs when it comes to smooth hits. Percolators act as a means of both cooling and filtering your smoke. They can appear in a ever growing number of forms. For example Honeycomb Percs, Showerhead Percs and much more. Get yourself a top quality Percolator Bong and experience the truly impressive rips every single time. 

Cheap and Acrylic Bongs

Not everyone can afford the Premium, Percolator and High End Bongs, they are expensive Bongs. We aim to supply a Bong suited for everyone, at expensive prices as well as affordable prices. The Cheaper Bongs in which we stock are also of high quality. 

Acrylic Bongs are the cheap and cheerful alternative to the sometimes more expensive Glass Bongs. Acrylic Bongs are significantly cheaper to produce, these durable and affordable pieces are perfect for the beginner. These Bongs are perfect for passing around among a group of friends.