Wiz Khalifa's house is a stoner's dream

Architectural Digest visited rapper Wiz Khalifa recently, in his Sherman Oaks mansion for an episode of Open Door, giving viewers a guided tour around his Mediterranean style mansion worth $4.6 million. 



In the Youtube series (which is essentially a fancier 2018 version of MTV’s Cribs), Architectural Digest takes a peek into the lavish homes of the rich and famous, visiting stars like Jennifer Aniston, Michael Kors, Terry Crews and Robert Downey Jr, to name just a few.  

Khalifa's L.A Mansion

In conversation with Architectural Digest, the 30-year-old rapper says he picked the spot because of how spacious and private it is – with lots of room for him and model Amber Rose’s 5-year-old son to run around. With most of the space dedicated to various playrooms for his son, the LA digs are also conveniently located near his studio and his son’s school. 

The décor is minimalist and tasteful, while still showing Khalifa’s creative edge through framed artwork and a cohesive colour scheme in each room. Upon entry you’re greeted by a framed copy of his single “See You Again” from the Furious 7 soundtrack (which went 9x platinum in the US), which Khalifa states is there to deter any robbers from trying to ransack the house - this move appears to have worked, since two burglars recently tried to break in but were scared off before they did any considerable damage.  

The Dabbing Bar 

The house also features a games room (aka the ‘gang’ room as Khalifa lovingly calls it) with a “dab bar”, from which Khalifa’s lucky guests and dear friends can treat themselves not only to an array of expensive liquor but also as much pot as they want. The dab bar features such trinkets as a neon “HIGH LIFE” sign, dab rigs, a smoke box engraved with ‘Khalifa’s Kush’ and a 100 joint roller, which Khalifa says would take about 3 days to smoke - “not even passing to the homies, that’s just me”. Since Khalifa estimated he spends around $10,000 a month on weed, we’re not gonna call his bluff on this one. And if you’re taken over by the munchies, stop by one of Khalifa’s son’s many playrooms where you can avail of the free gumball machine. 

Wiz So High 

The rapper’s house is also covered in framed photos of himself both on and off stage - because in the words of Ru Paul, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? However, he does have one special area dubbed the “weed wall” dedicated to other prolific stoners such as Bob Marley, Snoop and Jimi Hendrix.  

Khalifa’s mansion also includes a pool, a home recording studio, and room for his impressive collection of cars, including a 1962 Impala and a car that his ex-wife Amber Rose bought him after a fight.  

As well as being a multi-award winning rapper and performer, Khalifa love of the herb stems to serious investments in the cannabis industry including his very own strain named Khalifa Kush, and his video game Weed Farm, where players get to grow and cultivate their own weed.