Which countries are next in line to reap the benefits of legal cannabis?

Here, in the beautiful United States of America some states enjoy legal marijuana for recreational and medical use, while in other states some only enjoy it for medicinal use. However, to some extent, we all enjoy the bud from time to time. Recently Canada legalised the drug, fully. A party promise from Justin Trudeaus Liberal Party of Canada, so, come fall (2018) marijuana will be fully legal across the land of Canada. But now, the question looms, who is next to follow them on the legislation train!  

New Zealand 

Well, first up is the Kiwis of the world, New Zealand. NZ’ers are set to hold a referendum on whether they should legalise weed across both the North and South Island. With much political debate surrounding the unfit for purpose war on drugs model they currently have in place, which isn’t working according to Green MP Chloe Swarbrick. The question still remains of when New Zealand will hold a referendum. Holding it in 2020 would be a bad move politically with an incoming general election that same year. Whatever the time frame, New Zealand will (eventually) get a life-changing vote on whether marijuana is free to consume medically and recreationally. We wish all Kiwis the best of luck and hopefully, sooner rather than later, their country becomes greener.  


The great Portugal, one of my favorite countries in the world famous for its port wine, cork-based products, Cristiano Ronaldo and its progressive drug laws. Portugal decriminalized all drugs and started treating addiction as a health issue and not a crime. Legalizing the decriminalized drug for recreational use seems like the next logical step for Portugal.  

The Netherlands 

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not legal in The Netherlands rather consuming the substance in particular areas and cafes are allowed. But if more European countries join the legislation train, the Netherlands may push their laws further and embrace cannabis fully! 

The United Kingdom 

I’m not sure if I can even call it a European country with Brexit looming but the UK could benefit greatly from cannabis legislation. Just recently, Great Britain announced it was to legalize weed for medicinal reasons and a market is to be established. With this market, analysts have predicted the UK market will be worth a whopping $300 million by 2022. Maybe this could trigger The Netherlands lawmakers before March of 2019 to liberalize their laws! 


Bob Marley’s favorite substance, marijuana is not legal in his beloved birthplace of Jamica like we all thought. It is not a cannabis wonderland, but rather a country which decriminalized the substance in small amounts and in 2016 they legalized for medical purposes. It is evident there is a growing appetite (after the munchies that is) for more progressive legislation to be put forward.  

A greener future 

It is hard to navigate when or how these countries will come about change. Change is scary and hard but with the passage of time, it is inevitable. Soon, we will see the rising of weed legislation in these countries. We wish them nothing but hope and prosperity – and puff, puff pass the joint along!