Here’s 3 vaporizers to help you stay discreet

One of the things that people always enjoy using a vaporizer for is its discretion factor. A vape is a great way to not only get the best out of your cannabis but also to smoke weed in public without drawing a lot of stares. These days many cigarette-smokers are weaning themselves away from the hard stuff by utilizing a vaporizer, so seeing one in public isn’t likely to cause much offence. Plus, with the range of flavors on offer these days who's to say there wouldn’t a weed flavor out there. 

Odors are the Enemy 

The one thing that is sure to draw attention is of course the smell. You’ve seen the scene play out a thousand times in a plethora of movies, strait-laced family begin sniffing the air in a classic game of who let one rip, only to discover that the smell is in fact a hippie-ish looking person with red-rimmed eyes and a ubiquitous cloud of smoke hovering overhead.  

Cannabis when heated releases terpenes which are responsible for giving cannabis its distinctive flavor and aroma. These are particularly prevalent when cannabis is heated to combustion, as in a joint, but not as much when vaped. Vaporizers heat dry herbs enough to extract cannabinoids but not enough to burn your cannabis causing all these terpenes to cloud the air.   

Vapor from a quality vaporizer is much less thick than joint smoke and won’t leave a lingering smell in the air after you’ve taken a draw. With this kind of low-key availability catching a buzz is easy to do anytime, anywhere. 

Firefly 2 Vaporizer 

The Firefly 2 vaporizer is a fantastic convection-powered option that you can use easily with dry herbs or concentrates. The beauty of the convection heating system over conduction is that rather than risk burning your herb it passes heat around the dry herb. There is no direct contact with the heat source so no risk of combustion. This way there are no nice-smelling but giveaway terpene smells lingering around.  

The last thing you want while vaping in public is waiting for your vape to heat up. But in making the Firefly 2 vaporizer they added a super-quick heat up time, just five seconds in fact. The vapor is then cooled via the borosilicate glass vapor path. The Firefly 2 provides great tasting vapor and automatically goes into standby after 30 seconds. This prevents your material from being heated for no reason, just pop it back in your pocket after a draw and continue your day. 


DaVinci IQ Vaporizer 

DaVinci have never been anything but innovative when it comes to their vaporizers, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to the DaVinci IQ vaporizer. For those who are looking for a vape to suit all their needs as well as being convenient to bring with them and easy to use then look no further than the DaVinci IQ vaporizer. With a changeable battery and the purest flavor a vaporizer can produce it brings vaping to a whole other level.  

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer has a heating time of only 16 seconds and a non-reactive ceramic zirconia heating chamber so there is no contamination of your vapor. Unlike the other vaporizers on this list, the DaVinci IQ uses a 360 degree conduction heating element which evenly heats your dry herb with precision and can hold up to 0.30 grams inside. The vaporizer itself weighs only 140 grams so it’s extremely easy to bring around with you. Added to all this it has a ten-year warranty. 

Crafty Vaporizer 

One of the best things to come out of Storz & Bickle (and that’s saying a lot), the Crafty delivers quality vapor time after time in a slim, handheld design. Suitable for both dry herb and thick concentrates, the Crafty vaporizer even has a liquid pad. Featuring a mix of conduction and convection heating this is a perfect vaporizer to take out and about with you for some discreet vaping.  

Like the DaVinci IQ the Crafty vaporizer can also be controlled via a bluetooth app for your phone. This gives you an unprecedented level of control over your vaping session and the kind of vapor you can get. Using a Haptic Vibration Alarm the app notifies you when your vaporizer is ready to use. This can be handy when you want to control your vaporizer settings without drawing too much attention in public.