The Disneyland of Weed Could be Coming to New Jersey

A Playground for Adults

New Jersey is very close to legalizing the use of recreational marijuana and a lot of people are ready to cash in on the loosening of laws. Two individuals with a somewhat unique idea are Jon Regis, a gynaecologist and head of Medical Practice, and his business partner Ira Trocki. Ira is a Jewish plastic surgeon who once sewed up Mike Tyson after a few rounds in the ring. The duo go by the name ‘Salt and Pepper’ which is a play on their racial differences.

‘Salt and Pepper’ are hoping to use their diversities to their advantage as part of their new business venture, creating a Disneyland for creational marijuana use on the famous Jersey Shore strip. The pair currently own a shuttered Comfort Inn Hotel in West Atlantic City in which they plan to use as a building ground. The site is an impressive 810 acres.

At the so-called Disneyland for adults, guests will be able to enjoy and sample different strains of cannabis, as well as an on-site wholesale shop where they can purchase goodies to take it home. To top it all off, the park will have a stunning white sand beach where guests will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy their weed with views of Atlantic City.

You won’t be able to bring your kids but the playground will be a family affair, with ‘Salt and Pepper’ planning on having their own branding for specific types of marijuana named after their children and grandchildren.


Stiff Competition

The New Jersey pair are just two amongst the dozens of the entrepreneurs getting ready for when legislators in Trenton give the go ahead for the use of recreational marijuana. They will however have to compete for one of the limited number of licenses the states will have to give out.

So far, multiple bills for the drug’s use have been proposed. None have made it to the desk of Governor Phil Murphy, who is one of the State’s most high-profile advocates for legalization.

If and when the drug does become legal, legislation will be expected to put a cap of the number of permits available to individuals or groups looking the grow, sell, or cultivate it. Competition surrounding the permits may be tough, but this pair seem to have an edge.

As well as being two long time permanent community residents ‘Salt and Pepper’ are planning to use their diversity to warrant their chances.

“You have a son of a chicken farmer who's been practicing medicine in his community for 35 years,” Regis said.   "You have another son of a sergeant who served in the segregated army in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. We have our own space. We're a minority-majority-owned company.”

Earlier this year the pair formed Relevant LLC, a cannabis company. Regis has 51 percent ownership, making it a minority- majority owned company. Additionally, diversity is one of the key components Governor Murphy has said he wants to see when administration develops a marijuana market.