Stoned Alone? Ryan Reynolds making a home alone for Stoners?

When we think about movies for stoners, we think of Dazed and Confused, Scream 3, Dude, Where’s my Car? And How High to name a few. We rarely think of Christmas classic, Home Alone. Although, thinking now, watching Home Alone stoned would be amazingWell, rumor has it that Deadpool superstar, Ryan Reynolds will be starring in a remake of the film called, Stoned Alone – honestly just sounds like a documentation of me on a Friday evening after work, but luckily, it’s not and you wouldn’t want to see that. According to news sources, Ryan Reynolds is set to produce appear as a goofy stoner who stops thieves raiding his house.  


Never Goin’ Back director Augustine Frizzell has been signed to direct the film. Writers Kevin Burrows and Matt Midler produced a script based around an idea from Fox executive, Matt Reilly. The project centering on a 20-something loser who misses his flight to go skiing and goes home and gets high – only to find out that thieves have broken into his house.  

While still in very early development, the movie will be reminiscent of the classic 1990s comedy classic Home Alone – which starred Macaulay Culkin as a young boy who was left all alone in his big Chicago house while his Parents went to Paris.  

Stoned Alone cameo 

It is not technically a part of the Home Alone franchise, it will remain very close to the original storyline, just with higher stakes (the puns are always intended, okay!).  

There is no word or speculation on whether, original star Macaulay Culkin will have a cameo but either way, this movie sounds like our newest Christmas tradition.