Illegal Cannabis Grows are Major Concern for US Forests

You’d think that people who’d frequent a cannabis dispensary would be those that love nature? After all they are benefiting from one of nature’s most awesome gifts every time they get high. But their love of cannabis might actually be doing more bad than good for the environment. Over the last number of years cannabis that can be found in cannabis dispensaries throughout the United States has contributed to a much larger pollution problem. It seems unlikely but this is being described as an epidemic on a massive scale.  

National Forests in Danger 

In a recent report from CBS News, they highlighted that a huge problem facing national forests is entirely to do with illegal cannabis growers. In 2017 the U.S. Forestry Service seized 1.4 million marijuana plants that they found growing in national forests. This is not including the thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals and trash that were littered around these sites. 

The federal government is entirely concerned with the destruction of national forests which is being caused by these cannabis cultivators. In order to maintain these sites, they are using pesticides which are harmful to the natural environment and do a great deal of damage.  

One of the chemicals found, carbofuran, is actually banned in the U.S. this pesticide can effectively turn any site into a toxic waste dump. Even small amounts can kill wildlife on a large scale.  

Where is the Cannabis Coming From? 

As a customer of any product it’s important now more than ever to be aware of where that product is sourced. While any cannabis dispensary worth their salt needs to be vigilant consumers should be aware of the pitfalls of the industry too. With over 400 illegal cannabis grow sites already reportedly found by the U.S. Forestry Service there are no telling how many more there are across the country. It’s estimated that for every one they do find there are on average another two or three that they didn’t.  

This may be one of the few times where we’d support the federal government investigating the marijuana industry. What it amounts to is far less about a war on drugs and more a duty of everyone to protect the environment. Regulations are needed to make sure this very thing doesn’t happen.