First Ever Review of Cannabis Ban to be Conducted by United Nations

The United Nations is a lot of things, but mainly it’s a big argument with bizarre priorities and a nice flag. The majority of the functions of the UN are too labyrinthian, opaque, and boring to bother with right now. However, now the UN are doing something that actually affects YOU (or at least something that affects your consumer habits which, lets face it, is one of the few things keeping you sane in our late capitalist hellscape). 

For the first time in decade the UN has announced that will be reviewing whether cannabis should be banned under international law. This decision must be influenced by the success of legalisation in US states like Colorado and the planned legalisation in Canada. 

Relatively Safe 

The UN’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) released a pre-review in June that found cannabis to be ‘Relatively Safe’. The Review also found that no deaths could be directly attributed to cannabis. Cannabis’ wide range of possible therapeutic uses has also been acknowledged by the report. 

A Big Step Forward 

This review is incredibly important when it comes to worldwide cannabis legalisation. If the UN does decide to remove the international ban it could have a knock-on effect on national bans on the herb. 

Though several states have legalised cannabis in the USA it still remains illegal on a federal level. If the UN removes the ban the federal government will be obligated to review this ban and maybe even remove it, making cannabis legal across the entire country. 

Fingers Crossed 

There is no guarantee that the UN will lift the ban. It is important to remember that some conservative countries have seats on the UN and they may dogmatically stick to their belief that cannabis should remain illegal, totally derailing the process. 

However, some of the more pragmatic countries could easily drop their ideological objections and look at the profits that could be made. 

Cannabis as an Economic Force 

Cannabis is currently one of the fastest growing job sectors in the USA. Not only that the profitability of cannabis could soon overtake that of soda drinks. The sheer amount of tax revenue generated is nothing to be sniffed at either. Of course, the social benefits must be acknowledged, as the police are freed up from drug crimes and able to tackle other, more serious incident s. 

It’s anyone’s guess which way the UN will go but lifting the ban could have a huge host of positive effects.