A Pennsylvania Dispensary is in Hot Water Over ‘Doller Bags’

The market is well and try l saturated. Everything we could ever want, or need is provided by a dozen different companies a piece. You want a donut? There’s a thousand bakers all vying for your money. You want a tv? Good luck narrowing your options down with the glut of tv manufacturers vying for your attention? You want a phone? Prepare to be paralyzed with choice. How do you stand out in a marketplace as crowed as the bazaar we are subjected to everyday? 

One way to grab attention is to put out a promotion. Promotions can draw in bargain hunters and the frugal alike. It can also hook customers for the long term if they find that they like your products or services. Sometimes, unfortunately they can backfire, as one Pennsylvania Dispensary found out. 

Holla, Holla, Dolla Gram 

Pennsylvania dispensary recently started selling dollar grams in celebration of the state's recent medical cannabis legalization. Unfortunately, the state Department of Health stepped to put this to a stop. Justice Grown Pennsylvania, a chain of dispensaries based in the Northeast of the state, decided to offer grams of two choice strains for a dollar in their Edwardsville location before being promptly slapped down by regulators. 

Justice Grown publicized their offer on Facebook, and it proved to be extremely popular, with patients practically knocking the doors down to get in on the deal. The strains on offer were Lemon Sweet Skunk, and Cherry Diesel, which are usually priced at $15 a gram each. Patients were allowed to buy two dollar grams a piece. 

Unfortunately, discounts on cannabis is expressly against the law in Pennsylvania, and any promotional sales on medical marijuana. While, dispensaries can offer price breaks to senior citizens and military veterans, discounts for marketing purposes is a bridge too far. 

Justice Grown did get a warning, but it was more of a nudge than a censure. The dispensary chain won’t be facing any formal charges. And they even managed to serve over 130 patients before the Department of Health stepped in, so perhaps the promotion was a success. 

Not Technically a Discount 

Justice Grown’s CEO, Abbe Kruger, disagreed with the Department of Health verdict. Claiming that the dollar bag wasn’t a discount as the flowers in question had not previously been priced by the dispensary. So not a discount, just a super low price. 

You can’t blame him for chancing it, but that explanation would never hold up. Regardless the dispensary chain avoided any fines, mainly due to the fact that a disciplinary process for this type of breach hasn’t been put in place yet.