A dollar a gram is too much for the Health Department

Well if you or I saw cannabis going for a dollar a gram I think we know exactly what we’d do? Who wouldn’t avail themselves of it. It’d be silly not to. If the cannabis dispensary is happy to sell them at these fantastic rates then who are we, the customer, to say no. It may sadden you to learn then that doing so is likely to cause a lot of trouble for any cannabis dispensary willing to do so.  

And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one cannabis dispensary located in Pennsylvania. As part of a celebration on the sales of their first “flower” Justice Grown Pennsylvania let an entrepreneurial spirit take hold and began selling cannabis for just a dollar a gram. 

Recent Legislation 

It’s only recently, however, that the state of Pennsylvania has legalized marijuana under the state’s medical cannabis program. For this reason, a hawkish eye is held upon all cannabis dispensaries by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. And these were the very people to cry foul when they caught wind of the deal.  

Following the announcement on their Facebook page, the cannabis dispensary had people lining up around the block. The two strains specifically that were available for sale normally retailed at a price of between $10 and $15 a gram each.  

Nothing Illegal 

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said that this sale was illegal because the law prohibits discounts on the sale of medical marijuana. But the CEO for Justice Grown Pennsylvania, Abbe Kruger, said that it wasn’t illegal because technically it wasn’t a discount. The cannabis dispensary had never actually priced the bud since it was its first outing in the store, if anything it was just a really, really low price.  

Because of this the Department of Health couldn’t actually fine the cannabis dispensary but they made it known that they don’t want incidences such as these happening ever again. At this time the Department of Health doesn’t have a disciplinary process in place for dispensaries that step out of line, so to speak. While they may have gotten away with it this time that won’t last.